Destination… Cile

The guest country at the 64th edition of Trento Film Festival is Chile, a land of extraordinary variety, thanks to its history, culture and natural landscapes, stretching from the mountains of the Tierra del Fuego to the Chilean part of Patagonia, favourite destinations for generations of explorers and climbers, including those from Trentino.

The geography of Chile is unique; travelling from east to west, the long jagged coastline facing onto the Pacific Ocean runs parallel to the Andes mountain range, while from north to south the landscape shifts from arid deserts to the ice of Patagonia. The country is made even more fascinating by the reflection of this polarity in its society and culture. Indigenous traditions coexist with one of the most contemporary and globalised societies in South America, the country’s past scarred by one of the most painful periods in the history of the continent, with the 1973 coup and Pinochet’s regime, which left deep wounds on the country as a whole.

A range of events will be dedicated to Chile, including a film programme with works largely unseen in Italy, above all documentaries, in the context of the section “Destination…”. Thanks to directors such as Pablo Larraín, for several years Chilean film has been a constant presence at the most important film festivals and awards. There will be a daily appointment at the Festival with the screening of films in the “Destination… Chile” section, presenting documentaries, short films and one full-length fictional work.

Furthermore, there will be exhibitions, literary meetings and performances dedicated to Chile, such as the one on 3 May in the Auditorium Santa Chiara, in collaboration with the Museo Nazionale della Montagna CAI-Turin, the MUSE in Trento and the Chilean Embassy. This will offer an extraordinary journey exploring the Tierra del Fuego and Patagonia, accompanied by experts and with the “testimony” of two exceptional figures, Charles Darwin and Father Alberto Maria De Agostini, considered to be the first explorer of these parts of the planet.

Chilean Patagonia is a favourite destination for climbers, including those from Trentino. Epic climbing feats have taken place on the rock faces of its mountains, such as Monte Fitz Roy, the Cordillera Paine and Monte Sarmiento. The sixtieth anniversary of the climbing of Monte Sarmiento by Carlo Mauri and the Trentino climber Clemente Maffei, with an expedition planned and directed by Father Alberto De Agostini, indeed falls this year. It is a feat that will be recalled during the evening performance of 3 May.