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Parco dei Mestieri

Educational Workshops for Schools and Families to Discover Mountains

An initiative dedicated to schools but also open to the public, the Parco dei Mestieri welcomes every year a rich program of events and activities in collaboration with such traditional partners as Vita Trentina, Radio Trentino inBlu, Museum of the Habits and Customs of the People of Trentino, MUSE – Science Museum and WWF Trentino Alto Adige. Every annual they are sided by different bodies within the region and financially supported by “Tambosi” Institute, Artigianelli Pavonian Institute for Graphic Design and Forestry Agency of Trento and Sopramonte.


Giardino dell’Arcivescovado in via S. Giovanni Bosco, 1

Opening Hours:

From Moday to Friday:
10:30 am – 12:30 pm  / 1:30 pm – 5:30 pm

Saturday, Sunday and public holidays
9:30 am – 12:30 pm / 2:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Here you are the exciting educational workshops our partner collaborators offer to our schools and audience:

  • Museum of the Habits and Customs of the People of Trentino

    The voice of tales and legends

    “The Barbatàngheri is coming!” was the voice echoing in town when the peddler selling letter-paper, images and knickknacks told his tales and legends to children, in exchange for a home-cooked meal or a bed.
    Featured main characters were often frightful wild men, mischievous “salvanei” (leprechauns) and mysterious “anguane” (water fairies). These mythical creatures are the thread line linking the activities organized by the Museum through objects, videos and workshops.

  • MUSE – Science Museum

    Digging into the past to understand the present

    The world we live in in results from an age-old story, which started billions of years ago. Paleontologists examine organisms of the past and of the habitats they used to live in through the study of fossils. Two workshops will allow us to discover the paleontologist’s job through the analysis of bivalves, trilobites, ammonites and dinosaurs’ footprints!

  • WWF Trentino Alto Adige


    Time of wolves, time of men and of no-easy coexistence.
    The symbol of courage, of filial protection, has spontaneously come back, after missing for decades. So now what are we going to do? Are we ready to welcome him back, or will the deep-seated fear towards the perfect predator make us banish him from our lands? First of all let’s know him through a game that will tell us more about him, and then let’s look him carefully in his deep eyes while letting him look back into ours.

  • Trentino Mountain Guide Group

    A job in balance

    The mountain guide is a job and is a passion moved by the curiosity towards seeing, learning and climbing upon mountains worldwide. The warden of the mountain landscape, he walks side-by-side to his guests and teach them how to move safely and cautiously on rocks, ice and snow. At the Park the mountain guides will offer a workshop on balance, resilience and swiftness which can help the participants familiarize with the mountaineering practice.

  • Adamello Brenta Natural Park

    The Teaching Researcher

    Footprints, hair, feathers, droppings… only the talented detective will be able to solve the enigma. Who has passed by here? Sharpen your eyes, open up your ears and watch out the smallest hint. This is the only way you could experience who is working at the Park, is familiar with nature and respect it!

  • Trentino Speleological Association – SAT Bindesi Villazzano – Trento

    The World of Caves

    La Bassotta educational cave aims at informing about the fascinating world of speleology. Through the use of illustrative sign boards we will explain how caves originate, where you can find them, how you can visit them and why it is important to know them. Helmet with headlight on their heads, children will have the chance to explore la Bassotta and discover, in the dark…