2018 Edition


The International Jury of the 66. Trento Film Festival awarded the following Prizes:

  • Gold Gentian for Best Film – “Città di Trento” Grand Prize

    Gold Gentian for Best Film – “Città di Trento” Grand Prize

    Señorita Marìa, la falda de la montaña

    Ruben Mendoza

    Colombia / 2017 / 90' / Italian premiere

    Motivation of the Jury

    A unanimous winner for the jury, this wonderfully crafted film shows how a small story from a small village can encompass the bigger issues of today, resonating far more widely than the narrow confines of the mountain environment. Perhaps stronger than any mountain film protagonist, Maria requires more courage than most to be herself, firm in her faith that it is her god’s will. With fantastic attention to detail, sensitivity and without ridicule, the filmmaker invites us to join Maria’s world for a time - seeing it through her eyes. As we watch intimate moments and she shares her thoughts and emotions with us, the music adds a further layer to the story, and we gain a real insight into a wonderful character.

  • Gold Gentian for Best Mountaineering Film - Italian Alpine Club Award

    Gold Gentian for Best Mountaineering Film - Italian Alpine Club Award

    The Dawn Wall

    Peter Mortimer, Josh Lowell

    United States, Austria / 2017 / 100' / Italian premiere

    Motivation of the Jury

    Impeccable storytelling, clever cinematography and use of archive, great pacing and skilful character development all contribute to making The Dawn Wall far more than a climbing film. A glimpse into a world many know little or nothing about, the film makes climbing accessible to non climbers. Tommy’s passion and determination for his project and the dramatic events he has had to overcome certainly inspire, but what really moves us is that he is human. Using climbing to recover from failure, we are allowed to see his weaknesses and we back him all the way as he inches towards his goal - with humility, humour and generosity. As the sun comes up on the Dawn Wall, we are left with a huge sense of achievement and optimism, and a far greater knowledge of what big wall climbing is all about.

  • Gold Gentian for Best Exploration or Adventure Film – “Città di Bolzano” Award

    Gold Gentian for Best Exploration or Adventure Film – “Città di Bolzano” Award

    The Last Honey Hunter

    Ben Knight

    United States / 2017 / 35' / Italian premiere

    Motivation of the Jury

    Transporting us on an adventure into a little known world, The Last Honey Hunter isn’t only a literal exploration of a unique practise and way of life, but an exploration for the filmmakers into a world surely outside their comfort zone. Using techniques from climbing and adventure films, innovative shots throw us into the midst of the action. Vertigo inducing spectacular sequences allow the audience to share the experience first hand - leaving us in awe of the protagonists and crew alike.

  • Silver Gentian – Best Artistic-Technical Contribution

    Silver Gentian – Best Artistic-Technical Contribution


    Clément Cogitore

    France / 2017 / 49'

    Motivation of the Jury

    The hugely bold direction of this film takes us to a remote place that couldn’t be further from our lives, though somehow forms a metaphorical portrait of our society. We are drawn in and made part of the family, immersed in the environment and their unfamiliar lives. Excellent editing and sound choices ‘show’ without ‘telling’, and we find ourselves involved in the story, watching the children in their odd interactions and sympathising with people whose chosen life seems to be under threat.

  • Silver Gentian – Best Short Film

    Silver Gentian – Best Short Film


    David Mossop

    Canada / 2017 / 4'

    Motivation of the Jury

    There is always something joyful about the first snowfall of winter, and this film is four minutes of pure joy. With clever storytelling, very complex production and careful consideration of every detail, we are taken into a world most of us have forgotten. Somewhere where anything is possible, and the only limits are those of your own imagination.

  • Jury Prize

    Jury Prize


    Robert Müller

    Switzerland / 2017 / 93' / Italian premiere

    Motivation of the Jury

    With skilful cinematography and immersive storytelling, this film is a wonderful illustration of a community steeped in tradition, and their passion and determination to keep their customs alive. Beautifully shot sequences of a craft being passed down through the generations, convey the importance of this living custom and the cultural heritage it represents. The engaging characters bring the process to life, with the endeavours of the youngest member of an ancient trade leaving us hopeful for its' future survival and that of the community itself.

  • Special Mention

    Special Mention

    Lorello e Brunello

    Jacopo Quadri

    Italy / 2017 / 86'

    Motivation of the Jury

    This film gives us a window into a way of life we may pass every day, and invites us to open our eyes. Through its’ understated observation and careful illustration of its’ characters, we are reminded that it isn’t always necessary to travel far away to experience something new. With clever and meticulous editing, we explore the lives of everyday people - and watch as they become heroes in their own right.

  • Audience Award for Best Feature Documentary - Acqua Pejo

    Audience Award for Best Feature Documentary - Acqua Pejo

    This Cold Life

    Darren Mann

    Canada / 2017 / 88' / Italian premiere

  • Audience Award for Best Mountaineering Film

    Audience Award for Best Mountaineering Film


    Jennifer Peedom

    Australia / 2017 / 74' / Italian premiere


  • RAI Award

    RAI Award

    For the best documentary on current affairs.
    Established by RAI headquarters in Trento.

    Blood and the Moon

    Tommaso Cotronei

    Yemen, Italy / 2017 / 75'

    Motivation of the Jury

    The film is a journey, perhaps only imaginary, poised between dream and reality, followed by two people living in Yemen. The man is young teacher whose innocent parents were killed by Islamic terrorists, while she is a child bride, oppressed and offended by a husband who she rebels against and flees from. The two main characters meet in a village where he teaches the Koran, literature, the defence of culture, respect for oneself and others and the rejection of violence. The school is situated in a partially destroyed castle, a ruin in the desert sand, from which a square tower emerges: a bastion against violence and at the same time a sentry defending the culture that makes us free. Surrounded by his young pupils, he recalls the philosophers of ancient Greece in terms of subject matter and attitudes. He welcomes and protects the girl, while she helps him with the teaching, giving rise to a friendship. The key themes are respect for life and faith in culture, tolerance and sharing. The screenplay is inspired by the crude reality of our times and the absence of answers other than those we find within ourselves. The conclusion is a moment lost in thought, observing the infinite landscape, a still frame of the key figures and a moment of serenity and peacefulness, not knowing what the future really holds. They are two souls united by a desire for peace and freedom, their feelings also representing us all. The dreamlike message is entrusted to the Moon, the goddess in whom humanity historically finds comfort and protection. The images are evocative, the editing fluid, despite the complex narration. The subject could not be more topical.

  • “City of Imola” Award

    “City of Imola” Award

    To the best film, documentary or fiction programme by an Italian author and produced in Italy.
    Established by CAI Section of Imola, The City of Imola, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio of Imola

    Hansjörg Auer - No turning back

    Damiano Levati

    Italy / 2017 / 30' / Italian premiere

    Motivation of the Jury

    Hansjörg Auer has explored solo climbing like no other, and his memorable feat on the “Attraverso il Pesce” route on the Marmolada has left an indelible mark on the history of this particular kind of climbing. Through the carefully weighed and sincere words of the main figure, the thirty minutes of the feature film try to recount the inner journey that can drive a man to risk his life, where any mistake

    can prove fatal, in order to satisfy the impulse that Auer describes in an evocative and unequivocal manner: “Climbing mountains is food for my soul”. From the Alps to Nepal, punctuated by Auer’s words, there is a succession of images of extraordinary beauty, giving substance and depth to Auer’s remarks and philosophy. Matteo Mocellin’s photography expertly supports the narration and Francesco Fantini’s discreet and appropriate soundtrack forms a lyrical counterpoint to the images. The editing is also a minor masterpiece. A fascinating story recounted by Levati: a young climber, who despite his exceptional victories continues to pursue his dreams to “savour the intensity of life again and again”.

  • “Mario Bello” Award

    “Mario Bello” Award

    To the film that best reflects the values and ideals of the Italian Alpine Club.
    Established by the Film Centre and Film Library of the Italian Alpine Club.

    The Dawn Wall

    Peter Mortimer, Josh Lowell

    United States, Austria / 2017 / 100' / Italian premiere

    Motivation of the Jury

    Peter Mortimer and Josh Lowell’s documentary offers a detailed and linear overview of the career of Tommy Caldwell, the brilliant American climber, without sparing viewers the drama of certain events, incorporated within the story in a fluid manner without breaking the narrative tension. The film underlines in particular the intense humanity of Tommy, who always places friendship, solidarity and personal relationships at the centre of his life, rather than the purely athletic aspects of climbing. The film is imbued with the depth of human relations he has succeeded in developing, with his climbing companions, his “women” and his friends, despite experiencing marginalisation and solitude in his early life. For him climbing became a way of overcoming life’s difficulties and barriers, without however forgetting to cultivate human relationships, to avoid others having to experience the suffering that he has known. The viewer is struck by the narration of highly dramatic situations, recounted however with a delicate and non-violent language. The most troubled times in his existence (his school days and difficult relationships, his kidnapping by Islamic extremists with the shocking decision that was to change his character, his divorce from his wife and the loss of a finger) never represented an obstacle for him, but rather the fuel for facing new challenges and new “obsessions”. The culmination of the story comes with the final phases in Tommy’s ascent (almost “visionary” in terms of its difficulty) of the Dawn Wall with Kevin Jorgeson, with a succession of technical passages and situations of emotional tension accentuated by the long stay on the wall. Due to Tommy’s principles of humanity and solidarity in his approach to life and the mountains, the film best represents the ideals that the Club Alpino Italiano promotes and supports on a daily basis.

  • Cassa Rurale di Trento Solidarity Award

    Cassa Rurale di Trento Solidarity Award

    For the film that best interprets situations of poverty, injustice, social marginalization and isolation redeemed by solidarity and mutual help, as occurred at the beginning of the cooperative movement in the valleys and mountains of Trentino.
    Set by the Cassa Rurale di Trento.

    Madre dei nervi

    Mirko Giorgi, Alessandro Dardani

    Italy / 2018 / 55' / World premiere

    Motivation of the Jury

    With deft and dynamic editing, supported by an effective and modern “indie” soundtrack, evocative and colourful images and careful direction of blunt amateur actors, the film recounts the redemption of five girls from drug addiction and their affective re-education in relation to their children. Their rehabilitation is recounted in the context of a programme in which the process of approaching the

    mountains and the demanding challenges and typical opportunities involved represents a cornerstone and constructive experience. This trial in terms of effort, solidarity and exceeding one’s own limits allows the girls to learn about themselves, discovering a new dimension and the force to deal with the critical aspects and complexities of life. The direction succeeds brilliantly in recounting the personal dynamics and pain of the main characters, the fertile dialectics of their relationships and the development of feelings of constructive solidarity, as a reflection of social feelings in the community where they live, a space that represents a more universal place where redemption and liberation is possible, through a shared commitment.

  • University of Trento, Bolzano and Innsbruck Students Award

    University of Trento, Bolzano and Innsbruck Students Award

    To a work of particular cultural value made by a director under the age of 33.
    Set up by the University of Trento, Bolzano and Innsbruck

    Al Silencio

    Mariano Cocolo

    Argentina / 2016 / 15'

    Motivation of the Jury

    We appreciated not just the artistic choices but also the ability to convey a message on many different levels. With extreme coherence and linearity, both narrative and visual, the director has succeeded in dealing with the contrasts and duality of the mountains. It is indeed precisely the mountains that are made into the starring player by the silence, which here also takes on the virtue of authenticity and purity, allowing the maximum expression of deep emotions without the distracting vehicle of words. The director offers shots stripped of all excess, dominated by the colour white.

  • MUSE Videonatura Prize

    MUSE Videonatura Prize

    Established by MUSE - Museo delle Scienze.
    For the most original work on topics such as nature, the environment, sustainability and climate change, in terms of subject, screenplay and editing.

    Everest Green

    Jean-Michel Jorda

    France / 2017 / 53' / International premiere

    Motivation of the Jury

    Excellent in terms of the narration, photography and editing, Everest Green has above all the virtue of dealing with the ascent of Everest from a topical, problematical and contradictory point of view. Expeditions to conquer the summit of Everest – or take a selfie at base camp –are increasingly numerous and easy today. The habit of abandoning waste at the site is becoming a problem that mountaineers, tour operators and local communities have to deal with. The adventure of mountaineering is confronted by its consequences and responsibilities. The search for solutions becomes an opportunity for growth. The impact of mass tourism and individual behaviour on environmental conservation is one of the key themes in the communication projects of the MUSE, gaining precious support from works such as this.

  • UIAA Prize

    UIAA Prize

    Established by UIAA.
    To the most spectacular film on climbing and/or ice climbing.

    The Dawn Wall

    Peter Mortimer, Josh Lowell

    United States, Austria / 2017 / 100' / Italian premiere

    Motivation of the Jury

    The Dawn Wall, is a gripping film which magnificently portrays the incredible effort, dedication and attention to detail it takes to make successful ascents of the hardest free routes in the world. This film celebrates a momentous challenge, showcasing climbing and mountaineering on the world stage with real authenticity. The film embodies a great sense of adventure, perseverance and personal commitment – all traits that are encouraged by the UIAA. The production qualities of The Dawn Wall are exceptional while the story lends suspense, excitement and draws the viewers into the minds, ambitions and concerns of its two main protagonists.

  • CinemAMoRe AWARD

    CinemAMoRe AWARD

    For the best work in the Orizzonti Vicini section, dedicated to films produced or filmed in Trentino Alto Adige, to authors, production houses and film schools in the region and to stories and accounts of the local area.
    Established by the three film competitions of international standing International Archaeological Film Festival of Rovereto, Trento Film Festival e Religion Today Filmfestival.

    Der Wolf

    Benjamin Thum

    Italy / 2017 / 20'

    Motivation of the Jury

    A short film dedicated to the mountains and the meanings it embodies, with a sophisticated and compelling technical and stylistic format.
    The Jury has also decided to award a mention to:
    NIENTE STA SCRITTO by Marco Zuin (Italia, 2017)
    MOTIVATION: A documentary film capable of highlighting the extraordinary figures of Piergiorgio Cattani and Martina Caironi, with a slant and message leading us to have greater consideration for others.
    And to:
    CARANO NON E' PAMPLONA by Fabio Pasini and Antonio Ballauri (Italy, 2018)
    MOTIVATION: The film which succeeds in summarising the fatigue and spirit of life in mountain dairies, with a formula almost resembling an artistic installation.

  • Museo Usi e Costumi della Gente Trentina Award

    Museo Usi e Costumi della Gente Trentina Award

    For the film best documenting the traditions and customs of mountain people with ethno-anthropological accuracy.
    Set by the Museo degli Usi e Costumi della Gente Trentina.

    Senza far rumore: emigranti in Valle di Cembra, ieri e oggi

    Barbara Fruet, Stefania Viola, Gianpiero Mendini

    Italy / 2017 / 54'

    Motivation of the Jury

    The film takes us to the heart of one of the issues that has always been a fundamental aspect of alpine life, the inescapable reality of emigration, due to necessity and duty, but also as the result of a real desire to improve oneself and a sincere spirit of adventure. With skill, respect and sober good taste in documentary making, the film explores the living conditions of Trentino migrants in the new scenarios of the contemporary world, without moralising and preconceived ideas of ideology and identity, but with a genuine desire to understand and explain.

  • UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites Award

    UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites Award

    The award is dedicated to the best documentary about the communities’ awareness of the exceptional universal values recognized by the UNESCO and their effort to preserve actively their territory.
    Established by “Fondazione Dolomiti UNESCO” and “SAT Società Alpinisti Tridentini”.

    Stella Polaris Ulloriarsuaq​

    Yatri N. Niehaus

    Germany / 2017 / 86' / Italian premiere

    Motivation of the Jury

    The spectacular photography immerses the viewer in the world of ice in Greenland, the largest island on Earth. Around the year 1000, in the era of Erik the Red, the glacial areas covering the “green land” were less extensive than they are today, hence its name. Belonging to Denmark at the beginning of the 19th century, today Greenland enjoys a certain degree of autonomy allowing a form of self-government. Inhabited by the Kalaalit (Kalaallit Nunaat is the Greenlanders’ name for this land), in the last few years the country has changed radically with the development of tourism, the exploitation of underground primary resources and the increase in fishing. This rapid transformation is jeopardising the age-old culture of the local population. It is not just man’s history that has been stratified in this fascinating area, but also the very history of the Earth, conserved in the ice, which can bring to light the various eras. However, the ice must also reckon with dramatic events such as climate change. Both man and the geographical area are facing an epoch-making challenge, and only respect and knowledge can guarantee the future. The film succeeds in clearly highlighting all these aspects, without neglecting the heart-rending beauty of the landscapes.

    The Jury has unanimously decided to assign a special mention to:
    LIVING WITH WILDLIFE by Leanne Allison (Canada, 2017)
    MOTIVATION: A report on the coexistence of man and wildlife in the Bow Valley in Alberta (Canada); a place frequented by lovers of the open air life, where trekkers and cyclists can experience encounters with bears, great cats and large ungulates at close quarters. These fascinating environments with magnificent animals living freely in the wild, documented by images of evocative beauty, attract large numbers of visitors, leading to problems managing the complex natural situation in the Bow Valley. The documentary analyses strategies limiting the risks resulting from this coexistence, also in the light of serious accidents, such as the killing of a trekker by a grizzly bear. Research, information and communication, accompanied by concrete measures such as fences and wildlife corridors, along with individual protection measures such as chilli pepper sprays, are strategies and actions containing the risks. A fast-paced documentary, also offering important ideas for our own areas.

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