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RECOMPOSING THE FOREST fragments from a possible film on the forest
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RECOMPOSING THE FOREST fragments from a possible film on the forest

frammenti per un film sulla foresta

The forest, a western archetype, represents nowadays one of the territories open to some of the most challenging questions to the future of politics, social and environment, both in theory and in practice.

Recomposing the forest is the first public insight into an artistic project by Mali Weil, made by a series of three performative actions and a movie.
Conceived as an attempt to write publicly the script of a movie that is to come: it will be read fragments of stories and relationships ranging from botany to law, to explore the borders and afforest the imagination.
A first try to compose a fictional and artificial forest-space: a landscape open to forms of interconnections, fragility and poetry, but also to anyone aims to enrich the list.

Mali Weil is an artistic platform based in Trento. Her research is focused on relationship with political imagination and she works through performative mechanisms, design, video and editorial projects.
At Trento Film Festival she has presented in 2015 Art Coefficient #07, the episode dedicated to Arte Sella from the video format with the same name.
From 2012 she’s supported by Centrale Fies, with whom she collaborates in various roles.

The Forest project, that will be presented for the first time in August at Saal Biennaal Festival in Estonia, gained the sustain of Ora! by Compagnia di San Paolo.

Rifugio Moderno della Scienza
Piazza Lodron - Trento


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