2019 Edition

Trento Film Festival. Mountains and Cultures.

The 67th edition of the oldest international film festival dedicated to the mountains, adventure and exploration will take place from 27 April to 5 May in Trento.

From 1952 until the present day, the history of Trento Film Festival has interwoven with the history of the mountains and climbing, making it into a genuine workshop that explores the cultures of the highest lands on earth, constantly ready to investigate changes in ways of experiencing the mountains and adventure.

Set up as the 1st International Alpine Film Competition and representing an appendix to the 64th national conference of CAI, in 1955 it officially became a Festival, and the category of exploration was added to the mountains, to then extend its range of action once again in 1989, when it was renamed the International Mountain, Exploration and Adventure Film Festival.

It has had its current name, Trento Film Festival, since 2005, and in 2010 a tagline was added to highlight the key areas: Mountains / Society / Film / Literature.

This year there will be another change, approved by the Management Committee: the tagline becomes more concise and summarises the “manifesto” of Trento Film Festival in just two words: Mountains and Cultures.

“Two words that represent the cornerstones of the Festival: not by chance in the plural form”, underlines Mauro Leveghi, President of the Festival. “The mountains have indeed always had a wealth of meanings and have also represented a place that was experienced, encountered and crossed in many different ways. The Festival has been and is intended to be a space where this diversity finds a home and is recounted, using every possible instrument, language and form of artistic expression.”

It is a statement of intent that will take concrete form in the 67th edition of Trento Film Festival, scheduled from 27 April to 5 May 2019, with an extremely extensive programme of films, climbing evenings, book presentations and many other events.


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