Edizione 2020
COME UN CARILLON. Storie e cronache di una città cattedrale.

COME UN CARILLON. Storie e cronache di una città cattedrale.

Testo Giuseppe Calliari, voce Andrea Castelli, video Stefano Benedetti, luci Mariano De Tassis, suoni di Carlo Casillo. Composizioni originali di C. Casillo, B. Dylan, N. Piccinelli, W.A. Mozart, R.Gianotti, G.Sollima. Coordinamento artistico Cristina Pietrantonio.

The history of the town square is retraced in reverse, recounting past events through the voices of those who were there, even if they were “nobodies”. From 1968, the First World War and Illuminism to the Council of Trent, the construction of the cathedral and the Roman city, sounds and images evoke the thousand-year story of the “stone heart” of this city, a borderline between inside and outside, and between the political and religious dimensions, symbol of an often conflictual dialogue between different worlds. A mountain chopped up and moved elsewhere to become a symbol, a bulwark and a support for a newly constructed Europe. The installation reveals itself to the rhythm of music, in the form of a ballad, transforming the façade of the Duomo into a cathedral of light. Stone, an impassive witness of human affairs, takes life and form in words. And perhaps, those who brush against these walls, the customary background for their promenades and passing encounters, will look at them with new eyes.

Piazza Duomo
- Trento


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