Edizione 2020

Los Picos 6500

Marco Busacca

Italy / 2020 / 45' / World premiere



Franco Nicolini, Michele Leonardi, Tommy and Silvestro Franchini have a long-cherished dream: to climb the 13 highest peaks in Argentina, Chile and Bolivia in a continuous succession. An extraordinary journey, starting from the peak of the Aconcagua to the Cerro Sajama, the point of arrival for their adventure, passing via Cerro Tupungatto, Cerro Mercedario, Cerro Bonete, Inchauasi, Cerro Pissis, Walter Penk, Cerro Tres Cruses Sur, Tres Cruses Central, Muerto, Cerro Ojos de Salado and Cerro Llullaillaco.

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Marco Busacca

A filmmaker since 2007, as a director he specialises in filming at high altitude and on skis, documentaries and reporting, advertising and video clips. He is a partner of the production company Busaccavideo in Trento. He makes and produces different types of films, both commercial and of a documentary nature.


Language: Italian

Projections and tickets

Los Picos 6500 is part of this program:

Cinema Teatro Nuovo Roma
Not available


01/09/2020 — 07/09/2020
Num max visions: 500
Not available at the moment

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