2021 Edition

Official, Audience and Independent Awards

The films in the Trento Film Festival Competition are eligible for the renowned Golden and Silver Gentians, awarded by an international jury of professionals from the world of cinema and the mountains:

  • “City of Trento” Grand Prix - Golden Gentian

    “City of Trento” Grand Prix - Golden Gentian

    To the film that best represents the cultural objectives inspiring the Festival overall, being of high artistic quality.


  • Club Alpino Italiano Prize - Golden Gentian

    Club Alpino Italiano Prize - Golden Gentian

    To the best film on mountaineering, mountain life and people.


  • “City of Bolzano” Prize - Golden Gentian

    “City of Bolzano” Prize - Golden Gentian

    To the best exploration or adventure movie.


  • Silver Gentian

    Silver Gentian

    To the best artistic - technical contribution.


  • Silver Gentian

    Silver Gentian

    To the best short film.


  • Special Jury Prize

    Special Jury Prize

    A Jury mention can also be assigned.


  • Audience Award - Best Mountaineering Film – Rotari

    To the mountaineering, climbing and adventure film, of any length, most voted by the audience among all the films in the program.

  • Audience Award - Best Feature Film - DAO-Conad

    To the film most voted by the audience among the feature documentaries in Competition.

In addition to the Golden and Silver Gentians awarded to the films in Competition by the official jury, all films in the program at the Trento Film Festival compete for the following special awards, offered by the festival partners and attributed by independent juries:

  • CASSA RURALE DI TRENTO Solidarity Award

    Set by the Cassa Rurale di Trento for the film that best interprets situations of poverty, injustice, social marginalization and isolation redeemed by solidarity and mutual help, as occurred in the valleys and mountains of the region of Trentino when the cooperative movement was founded.


  • CinemAMoRe AWARD

    Established by the International Archaeological Film Festival of Rovereto, Trento Film Festival and Religion Today Filmfestival, for the best work of the Orizzonti Vicini section of the Festival, dedicated to films produced or filmed in Trentino Alto-Adige, to authors, productions, film schools or stories of the region.

  • Forum for Peace and Human Rights Award

    Established in 2020 by the Forum for Peace and Human Rights of the Council of the Autonomous Province of Trento, the award goes to the film that more effectively expresses the values dear to the Forum: culture of peace, respect for human rights, self-determination of peoples, denunciation of war and right to sustainable development.


  • Lizard Award - Travel and Adventure

    To the film that most effectively expresses the sense of travel as a moment of contact with nature, cultures, customs and traditions, instituted by Lizard.


  • Mario Bello Award – CCC - CAI

    Established by the Film Centre and Film Library of the Italian Alpine Club, to the film that best portrays the values and ideals of the Italian Alpine Club.


  • MUCGT Award

    Set by the Museo degli Usi e Costumi della Gente Trentina for the film best documenting the traditions and customs of mountain people with ethno-anthropological accuracy.



    Instituted by MUSE - Science Museum of Trento, to the most original piece, as subject, script and editing, in narrating themes as nature, environment, sustainability and climate changes.


    MUSE - Museo delle Scienze

  • RAI Trento Award

    Set up by RAI headquarters in Trento for the best documentary on current affairs.


  • UNESCO Dolomites World Heritage Award

    Established by the “Fondazione Dolomiti UNESCO” and the SAT Società Alpinisti Tridentini.
    The award is dedicated to the best documentary about the communities’ awareness of the exceptional universal values recognized by the UNESCO and their effort to actively preserve their territory.



    Set up by the University of Trento, Bolzano and Innsbruck, to a work of particular cultural value made by a director younger than 33 years.


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