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Songs of the Water Spirits
Songs of the Water Spirits
Nicolò Bongiorno
Italy / 2020 / 100' / Documentary
Songs of the Water Spirits
Nicolò Bongiorno
Italy / 2020 / 100' / Documentary

Ladakh is an Indian region that is facing a deep process of transformation and cultural regeneration, constantly oscillating between its vocation of being a land of arcane and mystical traditions, and an uncontrolled progress that is destructive for the environment and is alienating its inhabitants. Brave and visionary minds are however working to overcome this dualism by proposing a virtuous mediation: preserving their identity without withdrawing into a shell, giving value to the incentives of a modernity that does not imply an anthropological mutation.

Language: English, Ladakhi

Subtitles: Italian

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Available online from May 1st
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Nicolò Bongiorno

Born in Milan in 1976, he is a creative producer and director. He directs very personal films, such as VIAGGIO VERSO CASA, with Tonino Guerra, ROL - UN MONDO DIETRO AL MONDO, and experiments with the creation of reflective projects in the field of nature and exploration, with the award-winning documentaries of the 3 HUMAN ADVENTURES trilogy.



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