69th Trento Film Festival: Official Poster created by Gianluigi Toccafondo

Published 19/03/2021

With a symbolic homage to Jack London, the renowned artist from San Marino has created the poster and video theme for the next edition of the mountain film and culture festival, scheduled from 30 April to 9 May.

A wolf howling in the night, his snout reflected on the bright face of the moon, in the heart of an unspoilt landscape made up of forests and snowy peaks. This is the essence of the official poster for the 69th Trento Film Festival, scheduled from 30 April to 9 May (online until 16 May), designed by the artist Gianluigi Toccafondo, one of Italy’s leading illustrators and animators.

«I was delighted to have the chance to create the image and video theme for the 2021 edition of the prestigious Trento Film Festival. I decided to concentrate on the wild animals of the mountains: the ibex, the bear, the eagle and finally the wolf, a homage to Jack London’s Call of the Wild», Toccafondo declared.

The wolf, a fascinating and legendary creature populating Italy’s forests and the imagination of both adults and children, is indeed the star of the official poster for the Festival, an event that has always recounted and explored the many-faceted relationship between man and nature, and the possibility of respectful coexistence with wildlife.
The simplicity of expression is characteristic of an artist with a dreamlike touch, the image enclosing within it a series of poetic ideas. Who is the wolf howling to, on a night that appears to fall somewhere between dream and reality? Perhaps to man, asking him not to be afraid and to look at his reflection in the moon, mirror of a world in which humans and animals live side by side.

The wolf has always been a powerful symbol of a wild, unknown and frightening nature, hostile to man and his efforts to domesticate it. With his forays into man’s world, the wolf highlights the fragility of this world and crosses the apparent boundary that man has created. In Toccafondo’s image, the wolf loses this sinister reputation and overturns the collective imagination, with a call for calmness: by howling to the moon, he appears to urge man to rise up into a new dimension, even just for a moment, overturning the legend and going beyond prejudice and fear.

«The poster created for this 69th edition picks up on extremely topical questions, now more urgent than ever. How is it possible to change man’s relationship with nature and the world of animals? Is coexistence possible, in the search for a new and more advanced equilibrium that can safeguard the future of the Earth and the very survival of man?» the President of Trento Film Festival, Mauro Leveghi asks himself. «These are questions the Festival has presented to its public for many years, through the complex language of art, with an awareness that to arrive at the answers, man must make best use of all the cultural instruments available».

The 69th edition of Trento Film Festival will take place in Trento from 30 April to 9 May, within the limits established by the regulations, while the films will be available for streaming until 16 May. After the great success of the “hybrid” edition in August 2020, the historic mountain film and culture festival again takes up the challenge, in order to guarantee the public the best films and documentaries dedicated to the mountains and the most extreme lands on Earth, together with mountaineering events and fascinating and often unique literary presentations.


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