Published 31/03/2021

The animated short film directed by Cinzia Angelini dedicated to children suffering the effects of wars will be featured at the opening event of the festival, scheduled from 30 April to 9 May.

On Friday 30 April, the eagerly awaited animated short film Mila by Cinzia Angelini will inaugurate the 69th Trento Film Festival, scheduled from 30 April to 9 May (online until 16 May).

Inspired by the bombing devastating Trento in 1943, Mila tells a story of war seen from a child’s point of view. In the film, which takes its inspiration from the Second World War memories of the director’s mother, the character of Mila symbolises the best of humanity. Despite having lost everything, Mila does not give up her imagination and hope.

Mila is intended to represent all children in any war and any era; a film that chooses the universal language of music to communicate, thanks to the moving compositions of Flavio Gargano, performed by the Haydn Orchestra of Bolzano and Trento.

«In this film» Cinzia Angelini states, «I wanted to show the force and resilience possessed by the very young, even when left alone and abandoned. Today children continue to suffer the consequences of conflict in many countries around the world, and this has driven me to act, to make people understand what the true generational cost of war is. I believe that Mila, inspired by a true story, can influence our future generations, through the magical power of animation. If the effort that has been made to make this film can change the ideas of those who have the power to begin or abandon a war, then it will not have been in vain».

Mila is much more than a film; it is the result of efforts by an international team of 350 volunteers and artists from over 35 countries lasting no less than ten years. It has been produced by PepperMax Films, Pixel Cartoon, IbiscusMedia, Cinesite and Aniventure, with the support of Trentino Film Commission and the Fondazione Cassa Rurale di Trento, among others, and with the patronage of UNICEF Italia.

The “Making of Mila” will be presented at an event on 30 April at 9 pm, with live streaming at the Festival’s website and on social media channels. Alongside the director Cinzia Angelini and Valerio Oss, a visual effects artist with important international experience (including Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and 127 Hours), the evening will feature the composer Flavio Gargano, and Valentina Martelli, Executive Producer of the film. The meeting will be chaired by Piera Detassis, President of the Italian Film Academy – David di Donatello Awards.

Mila can subsequently be watched free of charge, from 1 May, on the platform of Trento Film Festival: online.trentofestival.it.

The director’s biography

In her 25-year career, Cinzia Angelini, director and creator of animated films, has worked for some of the biggest international studios. She has worked both as a 2D and 3D animator, and as a story artist with Warner Brothers, Sony Imageworks, Duncan Studio, Disney Animation Studios, Dreamworks and Illumination Entertainment. The following are some of the films she has worked on: BaltoThe Prince of Egypt, Spirit, Spider-Man 2, Bolt, Minions, and Despicable Me 3. She is currently directing the animated feature-length movie HITPIG at Cinesite Studios. Her passion for promoting animation as a way of telling stories of major social significance has led her to speak at two TEDx events in Trento and Vail, in Colorado. Since 1997 Cinzia has worked in Los Angeles, where she lives with her family.

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