Official, Audience and Independent Awards

The films in the Trento Film Festival Competition are eligible for the renowned Golden and Silver Gentians, awarded by an international jury of professionals from the world of cinema and the mountains:

  • Golden Gentian - Grand Prix City of Trento

    Golden Gentian - Grand Prix City of Trento

    For the film that best represents the cultural objectives inspiring the Festival overall, being of high artistic quality.


    Gaucho Americano

    Nicolàs Molina

    Chile / 2021 / 72' / European premiere


    In this tender, humorous yet ultimately very honest take on the cowboy mythos as seen through the eyes of two Patagonian gauchos, cultures are clashing and everyone dreams of a better life. Director Nicolàs Molina – also serving as a cinematographer – beautifully captures the everyday struggles of his two protagonists, showing that for some, the American Dream comes at a steep price.

  • Golden Gentian CAI - Italian Alpine Club

    Golden Gentian CAI - Italian Alpine Club

    For the best film on mountaineering, mountain people and life in the mountains.


    Dark Red Forest

    Huaqing Jin

    China / 2021 / 83' / Italian premiere


    The jury has awarded the prize for the films raw and intimate look into the life of Tibetan Nuns who expose themself to the mountain environment to seek enlightenment. Using the power of cinematic time and presence the director invites the audience into a profound space of faith and spiritual inquiry.

  • Golden Gentian City of Bolzano-Bozen

    Golden Gentian City of Bolzano-Bozen

    For the best exploration or adventure movie.


    La Panthère des Neiges

    Marie Amiguet, Vincent Munier

    France / 2021 / 92' / Italian premiere


    The jury has awarded this film for the quality and beauty of the images obtained during the trip to Tibet in search of the snow panther. In this trip the spectator can enter into the nature and the wildlife and live from the inside the peace and purity of the place.

  • Silver Gentian

    Silver Gentian

    For the best artistic-technical contribution.


    Akeji, le souffle de la montagne

    Corentin Leconte, Mélanie Schaan

    France / 2020 / 72' / Italian premiere


    The jury was impressed by this cinepoetic portrait of an artist and his wife and the way it brings together the spiritual and artistic dimensions of their life in the mountains. Following the rhythms of the season, the film interweaves the fabrics of nature, art and daily routines into a powerful montage that resounds the depths of the their lives.

  • Silver Gentian

    Silver Gentian

    For the best short film.



    Mikel Gurrea

    Spain / 2021 / 17'


    Mikel Gurrea combines the uncertainties of adolescence, political unrest and a piercing sense of loss in this complex, engaging story of a young climber preparing for her biggest challenge so far. Learning how to overcome the limitations of her own body, as well as finally saying goodbye to the past.

  • Jury Prize

    Jury Prize



    Bartolomeo Pampaloni

    Italy, France / 2022 / 80' / World premiere


    Trento Film Festival’s Special Jury Prize goes to a film that recounts an exceptional solitary feat: Isravele is not a mountaineer, but his ascent is directed at no less than the heavens! The director of “Lassù”, Bartolomeo Pampaloni, has the courage to join the expedition and set off, however he also shows he knows when to stop at the right altitude, and this is what counts most.

  • Quarta Parete Award

    Quarta Parete Award

    ICEBERG LAKE in SWITZERLAND: an incredible result of GLOBAL WARMING, Bruno Pisani

  • Quarta Parete Special Mention

    Quarta Parete Special Mention

    Le Dolomitiche, Alessandro Beber.

  • Audience Award Best mountaineering film Rotari

    Audience Award Best mountaineering film Rotari

    For the mountaineering, climbing and adventure film, of any length, most voted by the audience among all the films in the program.

    The Last Mountain

    Chris Terrill

    United Kingdom / 2021 / 100'

  • Audience Award Best full-length film DAO - CONAD

    Audience Award Best full-length film DAO - CONAD

    For the film most voted by the audience among the feature documentaries in Competition.

    Fire of Love

    Sara Dosa

    Canada, United States / 2022 / 93' / Italian premiere

In addition to the Golden and Silver Gentians awarded to the films in Competition by the official jury, all films in the program at the Trento Film Festival compete for the following special awards, offered by the festival partners and attributed by independent juries:

  • Amelia de Eccher Award - For women active in Film and Mountains

    Amelia de Eccher Award - For women active in Film and Mountains

    In memory of Amelia de Eccher, for women on both sides of the camera.


    The jury, made up of Elena Goatelli, Ingrid Runggaldier and Nives Meroi, has awarded the prize to the film:


    Arman Gholipour Dashtaki

    Iran / 2021 / 28' / World premiere


    An intense depiction, offering an honest, simple and direct portrait. A respectful and attentive look at the story of a courageous woman who decides to fight day after day to establish and create her own unique and particular space for freedom, after being forced to marry twice, the first time at the age of eleven.

  • Anthropocene MuSe Award

    Anthropocene MuSe Award

    The prize is awarded to the work that best recounts the relationship between humans and nature in the Anthropocene epoch.


    MUSE - Museo delle Scienze

    The jury, made up of Stefano Zecchi (President), Massimo Bernardi, Davide Dalpiaz, Fabio Pupin and Luca Scoz, has unanimously decided to award the prize to the film:

    Liebe Grüsse aus dem Anthropozän

    Lucas Ackermann

    Switzerland / 2021 / 14' / Italian premiere


    The work has the intensity of a universal message, which cuts across partisan strategies or specific complex and controversial problems. Produced by young people, with the point of view of the young, it highlights an awareness that is often unrecognised in these generations, obviously those most influential on the future. A desperate appeal and a global challenge to avoid the letters of the protagonists becoming a reality.

  • Cassa di Trento Solidarity Award

    Cassa di Trento Solidarity Award

    For the film that best presents situations of poverty, injustice, social marginalisation and isolation that can be resolved through solidarity and mutual aid, as originally took place with the cooperative movement in the valleys and mountains of Trentino.


    The jury, made up of members of the External Relations Division of the Cassa di Trento and chaired by the Members and Communications Office Manager, Franco Dapor, has decided to award the prize to the film:

    Leogra. Eredità di un paesaggio

    Andrea Colbacchini

    Italy / 2022 / 53' / World premiere


    The documentary explores the transformation of the mountains in terms of geography and society. The ideas, hopes, plans and observations of the protagonists are constantly compared, exploring the sense of disorientation and disquiet involved in the contrasting desire for modernity and the need for spiritual nutrition among those who, by choice or by fate, live on the slopes of the Val Leogra. The dynamic expressive language alternates images underlining the beauty of the natural sites with a series of interviews with residents. The testimony reveals new awareness, opportunities and sensitivity, together with the fears and fatigue that the harsh beauty of the mountains helps to combine and associate in the path towards understanding the need to help oneself and others, rediscovering the lost meaning of things and the balance between environmental and social justice.

  • CinemAMoRe Award

    CinemAMoRe Award

    Award established by the three film competitions of international standing RAM Film Festival, Trento Film Festival and Religion Today Film Festival for the best work in the Orizzonti Vicini section: a non-competitive section reserved for films made by filmmakers born or active in Trentino Alto-Adige, films by production companies or organisations based in the region, or which feature places, figures and themes regarding the region.

    The jury, made up of Emanuele Vernillo (TFF), Claudia Beretta (RAMFF) and Andrea Morghen (RTFF), has unanimously decided to award the prize for the “Near Horizons” section, to the film:


    Katia Bernardi

    Italy / 2021 / 73'


    A sincere and intimate portrait, at times moving but never cloying, of the writer Susanna Tamaro, a famous figure but with many hidden facets. The delicate and profound direction, at times surprising, recounts the individual and her background with originality and good narrative pace, portraying a self-deprecating woman outside of the box, both complex and light-hearted, revealing a side of her that was previously unknown.

    The jury for the prize has also decided to award a special mention to the film:
    La frequentazione dell’orso

    MOTIVATION - The film deals with the relationship between men and bears, a topical issue involving the whole Trentino community, offering an admirable diversity of points of view, ranging from zooarchaeology and anthropology to ecology and psychology. The relations between mankind and nature are explored in depth thanks to excellent research and development work, and not just to news items linked to the presence of the animal in the area.

  • EUSALP Award. What keeps me here

    EUSALP Award. What keeps me here

    The EUSALP macroregional strategy for the Alpine Space aims to ensure that the Alpine Space remains an attractive, innovative, competitive and green region in the heart of Europe. Attention is focused on economic growth and innovation, mobility and connectivity, along with environmental protection and energy. Employment policy in the alpine area directed at combating the abandonment of these areas by young people and the promotion of pastoralism, for which the alpine area is particularly suitable, are also issues dear to the Macroregion. In its annual programme, the Autonomous Province of Trento has focused considerably on the relationship between towns and peripheral areas in the alpine region, investing heavily in the involvement of young people. In line with the provisions of the 2022 film registration regulations, the EUSALP Prize is to be awarded to the work that has best grasped the spirit underlying the alpine Macroregion, namely issues relating to sustainability, inclusion and green technology, with particular reference to job opportunities in the alpine environment.


    The jury, made up of Mirko Bisesti (President), Anna Giorgi, Riccardo Felicetti, Tarcisio Ruffoli, Katia Bernardi and Valeria Placidi, has awarded the prize to the film:

    I ribelli del cibo. Storie di piccoli produttori dell'Alto Adige

    Paolo Casalis

    Italy / 2021 / 53' / World premiere


    This short film is full of positive promotional and educational messages and highlights the ability of small local producers to create synergistic relationships and precious alliances, giving rise to clearly repeatable good practice. This undoubtedly represents a good premise for supporting the local area, over time going beyond the limitations of the micro-economy and “family-based” economy, to achieve sustainability in relation to values and ideals, but also in economic terms.

    The jury also wishes to award a special mention to:

    MOTIVATION – An original point of view on life in mountain areas, recounting a story that follows the course of human life, allowing us to take a look at the world of animals with new eyes and highlighting another bridge with human beings, made up of the many facets of animals’ sensitivity, often not considered or misunderstood.

  • Green Film Award

    Green Film Award

    This award was set up in 2021 by the Province of Trento - Agency for environment protection and Trentino Film Commission, which since 2016 have worked together on the "Green Film" project, assigning an environmental quality label to audiovisual products of reduced environmental impact (
    The Green Film prize is awarded to the film that most effectively expresses environmental protection and sustainability values and practices, with particular attention to mountain environment and climate change.


    The jury, made up of Marco Niro (APPA, President), Luca Ferrario (TFC) and Lavinia Laiti (APPA), has awarded the prize to the film:


    Cyril Dion

    France / 2021 / 120'


    With the support of extraordinary images, the film contextualises every aspect of the environmental crisis. Taking the point of view of adolescents, who more than any others will feel its full effects, it is strategic to move away from recounting what is wrong to what is necessary to come out of the crisis, namely a change of perspective that leads humans to perceive themselves as an animal like any other, rather than privileged beings, set apart from the rest.

    Special mention also goes to:
    "Into the ice"

    MOTIVATION - Strong, intense, well-paced, exciting and excellent in film terms, it makes it possible to see up close the obscure work carried out in the field by scientists who work in extreme conditions, even risking their lives, in order to give a voice to the ice and warn of the impending catastrophe.

  • Human Rights Award

    Human Rights Award

    The "Human Rights Prize" is a joint initiative of the Fondazione Campana dei Caduti and the Forum Trentino per la Pace e i Diritti Umani, with the scope of promoting the work that best communicates the underlying values of the two institutions and that raises public awareness about issues related to human rights, peace, sustainability, and awareness and dialogue between peoples and cultures.


    The jury, made up of the President, Katia Malatesta and jury members Marco Marsilli, Morena Berti, Riccardo Santoni, Clizia Mistretta and Francesca Braito, has decided to award the prize to the film:

    Water Has No Borders

    Maradia Tsaava

    Georgia / 2021 / 85' / Italian premiere


    For the originality of the account, which transformed every obstacle into an opportunity to take an attentive and profound look at a “small” local story, exploiting the universal significance of pivotal issues, and for the effective approach to crucial matters such as war, frontiers and the merciless cold-heartedness of bureaucracy, taking shape with intense representations of broken relationships and indestructible vitality.

  • Lizard Award - Travel and Adventure

    Lizard Award - Travel and Adventure

    Established by Lizard in 2021, the award goes to the film that most effectively expresses the concept of travel as a moment of contact with nature, cultures, customs and traditions; an adventure that makes it possible to discover and explore “new worlds” with curiosity and responsibility.


    The jury, made up of Vinicio Stefenello, Pietro Assereto and members of Team Scott, has awarded the prize to the film:

    Fire of Love

    Sara Dosa

    Canada, United States / 2022 / 93' / Italian premiere


    The story of Katia and Maurice Krafft recounts the essence of a life inextricably linked to research, travel and adventure. The tremendous explosions of volcanoes and the terrifying and fascinating rivers of fire are the extraordinary backdrop for an infinite exploration, but also for a love story that appears to know no confines. Fire of love is a unique film presenting a unique story, a story that captures, charms and enthralls.

  • Mario Bello Award CCC - CAI

    Mario Bello Award CCC - CAI

    For the film that best reflects the values and ideals of Club Alpino Italiano. Established by the  Film Centre and Film Library of Club Alpino Italiano.


    The jury, made up of Nicoletta Favaron (President), Giovanni Pivetti, Michele Ambrogi and Carlo Ancona, has decided to assign the "Mario Bello" Award to the film:


    Francesco Palomba

    Italy / 2021 / 38' / Italian premiere


    Two young men in their 30s, escaping a conformist future, do everything possible to avoid dissipating energy by accepting the pre-established roles imposed by society, taking on responsibilities declined by others. Their dialogues are brief, self-aware and desperate, but can be summarised in their firm intention to overcome the employment crisis with a great desire to “flourish”, which for them means adventure, understood as the ability to interact with those who see life in the same way, but also putting themselves out there and at risk, as in every true enterprise. They discover that what really counts is still, as always, the possibility of making a contribution to other people’s lives, however ephemeral.

  • Museo Usi e Costumi Gente Trentina Award

    Museo Usi e Costumi Gente Trentina Award

    For the film best documenting the traditions and customs of mountain people with ethno-anthropological accuracy.
    Set by the Museo degli Usi e Costumi della Gente Trentina.


    The jury, made up of the President Ezio Amistadi, Luca Faoro, Lorenza Corradini, Daniela Finardi and Lionello Zanella, has awarded the prize to the film:

    Burning Flower

    Ho-yeon Won

    South Korea / 2021 / 82' / Italian premiere


    An elderly but still energetic dairy farmer abandons the trade to which she has dedicated her life, learns to read and write, and constructs and moves to a new, modern house. She takes with her pieces from her past, selected with disenchanted lucidity. However, she refuses to go down to the city, to her children’s homes, despite their urging, and will not abandon the high lands. Thus Burning Flower represents the perfect metaphor for mountains that cannot maintain or recover their traditional role and must find a way of constructing and affirming their identity, compared to a powerful, pervasive and seductive urban model.

  • RAI Trento Award

    RAI Trento Award

    For the best documentary on current affairs. Established by the RAI branch in Trento.


    The jury, made up of Sergio Pezzola (Director of the RAI branch in Trento), Waimer Walter Perinelli (journalist) and Stefano Uccia (Director Programmer) has assigned the 2022 RAI award at Trento Film Festival to the documentary:

    La frequentazione dell'orso

    Federico Betta

    Italy / 2022 / 60' / World premiere


    In this film, the jury considers the objective presentation of the difficulties and limits of coexistence between nature and society to be particularly significant, grasping the director’s intention of searching for acceptable forms of behaviour: marked first of all by awareness and respect. The RAI award highlights the historic research carried out in terms of the film, images and documentation of the Life Ursus project, alternating with magnificent footage of the natural environment in Trentino, and extensive personal testimony.

    Thanks to the splendid images, the beauty of the landscapes and the evocativeness of the subject matter, the jury also wishes to mention the film:
    Into the ice

  • Students’ Award - University of Trento, Bolzano and Innsbruck

    Students’ Award - University of Trento, Bolzano and Innsbruck

    For a work of particular cultural value made by a director under the age of 33.
    Established by the Universities of Trento, Bolzano and Innsbruck.


    The international jury for the prize, made up of Angela Vignaga, Federico Cavasin and Diana Busana (University of Trento), Sofia Pinni, Mattia Cingolani and Luca Weste (University di Bolzano), and Martina Chiavoni, Veronica Rungger and Alex Bonzi (University di Innsbruck), has decided to award the 2022 special prize offered by these institutions to:

    NAYA - Der Wald hat Tausend Augen

    Sebastian Mulder

    Netherlands / 2021 / 24'


    The winning film stands out for the topical nature of the subject and the originality of the stylistic and media choices. Using documentary material, the director succeeds in throwing light on the obsessive desire of mankind to control the surrounding environment. Caught in this chokehold, the she-wolf Naya is forced to look for her own space.

  • UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites Award

    UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites Award

    For the film that best documents community awareness of the exceptional universal values recognised by UNESCO and the ability to actively preserve the geographical area.
    Established by the “Fondazione Dolomiti UNESCO” and SAT Società Alpinisti Tridentini.


    The jury, made up of Maria Carla Failo (President), Annibale Salsa, Mauro Pascolini and Massimiliano Corradini, has decided to award the prize to the film:

    Leogra. Eredità di un paesaggio

    Andrea Colbacchini

    Italy / 2022 / 53' / World premiere


    The jury also wishes to mention:

  • T4Future Award

    T4Future Award

    An award established in 2022; the jury is made up of pupils at secondary schools in Trentino, evaluating the works in the T4Future film section.

    The jury has awarded the prize to:

    The Teacher and The Mountain

    Anthony Soto, Robert Castano

    United States / 2021 / 19' / Italian premiere


    It was unanimously agreed that it presents the strongest message. Thanks to the unique story of the protagonist and his charismatic personality, this documentary stood out as one of the films with the greatest impact, stimulating viewers to have a proactive vision of life.

    The jury has also decided to award a special mention for the originality and photography of the film to:
    “Liebe Grüsse aus dem Anthropozän”.

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