Destination… future

In the 70th edition of the festival, the “Destination…” section invites you to a journey not far in the world, but in time: a trip through 7 decades of the festival’s history, to imagine the future of our planet through sci-fi cinema.

On the occasion of its 70th anniversary, the Trento Film Festival presents a special edition of the traditional and beloved Destination… section, which since 2011 has presented a cinematographic and cultural itinerary dedicated to a country or geographical area similar to the Festival, combining the interest in a territory, its landscape and environment with the attention for its geopolitical and cultural relevance.

In this special edition, Destination… is transformed into a journey through time, looking through the lens of science fiction and cosmic studies at the future of our planet, a theme that is increasingly at the center of the Festival.

This is how Destination… future was born: a film program with a science-fiction film for each decade of the festival, from the 1950s to the 1910s, that has used landscape, mountains, and nature to stage the future of the Earth or give shape to distant planets, and a series of events with guests and experts who will take the audience on an adventure into the mysteries of space.

Program curated by Sergio Fant, Trento Film Festival head of program, and by Enrico Azzano and Miro Forti, members of the selection committee.
In collaboration with the Trieste Science + Fiction Festival.

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