"Quarta Parete”: Massimo Ferigo and Arianna Nonis win with “Feel, Live, Embrace”

Published 07/05/2023

The winners of the second edition of the Trento Film Festival section dedicated to content creators are announced. The jury was made up of Hervé Barmasse, Tudor Laurini and Camilla Roses.

The 2022 edition was a sort of “base year” for Quarta Parete, the section of Trento Film Festival dedicated to content creators and open to works produced for YouTube and other non-traditional channels, established thanks to cooperation with mountaineer Hervé Barmasse and content creator and music producer Tudor Laurini, and with the involvement of other well-known content creators from the outdoor sports scene. This second edition confirmed the interest in the initiative, and there were a large number of entries, all inspired by serendipity, with the beauty of the highest places on Earth described through wonder and the unexpected.

The winner of this second edition is Feel, Live, Embrace, by content creators Massimo Ferigo and Arianna Nonis. «The images are evocative, the first-person narrative contemplative, and thanks to the attention paid to every detail in this excellent short film, from sound design to editing, it is possible to leave behind the reality of chaotic city life and take refuge in happy memories of times spent in the mountains. Just like the protagonist of Feel, Live, Embrace,” reads the motivation of the jury, made up of Hervé Barmasse, Tudor Laurini and Camilla Roses.

Special mention goes to Simone Castellani with Le valanghe del 51 a Livigno «for the ability to make a dramatic event relive, using the voices and faces of those who experienced it. The documentary is a courageous and moving work, reminding us that the relationship between man and nature helps us to understand the major changes in recent winters due to climate change». Special Mention is also awarded to Kevin Ferrari with Cosa vuol dire per me andare in montagna, «testifying to a positive and authentic vision of life. The film stands out for its ability to portray the mountains. Kevin, the director, invites us to overcome our prejudice and discover the beauty and force of nature, recounting the mountains as a place of freedom, challenge and friendship».