Destinazione… Etiopia


The postcards from Ethiopia are travel notes as seen through the eyes and camera lens of Paolo Ronc.

The journey was an encounter with unique environments, all connected to each other: from the greenery of the tablelands to the deserts of the Afar depression, from the remote islands of Lake Tana to the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, to arrive at the great city of Addis Abiba. A black and white story depicting the soul of a land full of contradictions, marked by the immense beauty of its landscapes and the fascination of its people, with their deep dark eyes, whose gaze can never be forgotten. 

Postcards inviting the viewer to appreciate the sense of wonder and fun experienced by the photographer himself during this journey, through the sensations provoked.

28/04/2023 11:00
Corte interna, Palazzo Benvenuti
Via Rodolfo Belenzani, 12