Accreditation, season and individual tickets: how to buy and use them

Avoid queues and ensure a seat: you can buy tickets online for all the films!


    Do you have press accreditation or a guest ticket?

    All virtual accreditation cards must be activated at the address  by entering your card code and the PIN number. For one-day tickets without a specified date it is also necessary to choose the date of validity for the purchase.
    Subsequently they can be used directly using your account at the online ticket office.

    Reception at Palazzo Roccabruna in Via Santa Trinità 24
    Open every day from 28 April to 7 May
    opening hours: 9.00 – 20.00, Sunday 8 May: 9.00 – 18.00 (On Friday 28/04 office opens at 15.00).


    Screenings at cinemas: how to buy tickets

    Tickets for individual films shown at the Supercinema Vittoria and Multisala Modena can be purchased via the film info sheet at the Festival website, choosing the date and time of the screening, or by selecting the show at the Cineworld Trento online ticket office.

    In both cases it is necessary to register, free of charge, and it is possible to pay online, so you can access the cinema directly without going to the cash desk.

    A season ticket for all the films is on sale at the  Cineworld Trento online ticket office for 50€: register, go to the heading Season tickets in the personal menu and choose the “Whole Festival” season ticket.