Quarta Parete regulations

71. Trento Film Festival 2023
Regulations – Section “Quarta Parete”

Article 1

The “City of Trento” International Film Festival of the Mountains and Exploration Cultural Association, established by Club Alpino Italiano, the Municipality of Trento, the Municipality of Bolzano and the CCIAA di Trento e di Bolzano – Trento and Bolzano Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Crafts and Agriculture, is organising the 71st edition of Trento Film Festival, which will be held in Trento from 28 April to 7 May 2023.

Art. 2

With the intention of also expanding coverage of the mountain culture on social media networks, Trento Film Festival is hosting a new section, “Quarta Parete”, dedicated to content creators and open to videos produced for Youtube and other non-traditional channels.

Art. 3

Videos inspired by serendipity, where the beauty of the highlands is described with a sense of wonder and unexpected discovery, may be entered.

Art. 4

Participation in selection for the “Quarta Parete” section at Trento Film Festival is free of charge. Applications should be made by completing the official form available at the website: www.trentofestival.it.
The video links must be given on the entry form and uploaded in “unlisted” mode, in landscape and HD format with 16/9 aspect ratio. The maximum duration of the videos has been established as 20′.

The deadline for entries is 20 February 2023.

Completion of the application form implies acceptance of all aspects of these regulations.

Art. 5

Admission to the ““Quarta Parete” section is at the discretion of the Festival management, which will make recourse to a special committee of experts. Its decisions may not be challenged. The committee will assess the works, considering in particular technique, storytelling, message and emotional impact, and will nominate the winner. Announcement of the winning work and the prize awarded will be made during the 71st Festival in Trento.

Art. 6

Trento Film Festival will include the list of videos selected for the “Quarta Parete” section on its YouTube channel, Facebook and Instagram pages, and on the website www.trentofestival.it.

Art. 7

The Festival reserves the right to use excerpts of the works selected, up to a maximum of 30′ for television broadcasts or on the web, for promotional and non-commercial purposes only.

Art. 8

The makers of videos selected for the 71st edition of the “Quarta Parete” section at Trento Film Festival are invited to include the official logo of the Festival in the credits list, on promotional material and on any official websites. The official logo should be requested from: mail@trentofestival.it.

Art. 9


You are informed that the personal data provided and related communications will be handled as stated in our information sheet on the handling of personal data, according to EU regulation 2016/679 (“General Data Protection Regulation”).
For further details, please refer to the full text of the information sheet on the following page, and in particular to the paragraph “FILM SUBMISSION/APPLICATION”.

Art. 10

Forwarding of the application form to Trento Film Festival implies full acceptance of all the articles in these regulations. It is the responsibility of producers, distributors or other parties presenting films to ensure that they are fully authorised and entitled to enter the video in the Festival.
The Director shall have the right to settle all matters not covered by these regulations and to make exceptions to them in special and well-justified cases.
For any disputes arising in connection with the interpretation of the individual articles in these regulations, the original version in Italian shall prevail.
Trento Court shall have jurisdiction in the event of any disputes.

Trento, 31 July 2022