72nd Trento Film Festival: an increasingly popular space for freedom of expression

Published 09/05/2024

The 2024 edition of Trento Film Festival drew to a close on Sunday, having seen unprecedented audience attendance: over 20,200 tickets issued for the events dedicated to the scheduled films, over 18,000 participants at the events, more than 20,000 visitors to MontagnaLibri and 13,000 to the Mountain Trades Park, with 4,700 pupils and teachers involved in the T4Future activities and screenings, both in person and online.
Presidente Leveghi: “Trento Film Festival is a space for freedom of expression: filmmakers and the public recognise this and appreciate it more and more each year”.

“Trento Film Festival is a space offering freedom, a small yet far-reaching heresy, guaranteeing full and free freedom of expression to filmmakers, while giving the public the chance to discover ever new meaningful pathways”: with these words the President of Trento Film Festival, Mauro Leveghi, symbolically brought to a close the 72nd edition, marked by unprecedented success with the public. “I must thank all the Festival staff, employees, contract workers and volunteers; hundreds of people who have succeeded in working together in harmony to give life once again this year to a festival that Trento must be proud of. I also seize the opportunity to thank the public institutions, associations, sponsors and partners and all those we work with, making it possible to reinforce and revitalise the festival content and format each year and confirming Trento as the international capital of mountain film.”

Over 20,200 tickets were issued for the events dedicated to the scheduled films, with an increase of more than 12% compared to the already highly successful 2023 edition, and an average of over 2,200 spectators a day during the nine days of screenings. “I am highly satisfied with the surprising data for this 72nd edition of Trento Film Festival, my first in charge of the film programme. I thank all the staff and selectors who have made it possible for the ‘machine’ to function perfectly, with an average of 12 events a day including Q&A and “cincontri” sessions in cinemas and other spaces, along with the guests and colleagues who have participated in the masterclasses. I must thank above all the spectators who have demonstrated their appreciation of the Festival and the film programme so clearly, sharing the many exhilarating moments with us.” “This year’s edition of Trento Film Festival has been a great success, returning to pre-Covid levels, with no less than 45 events sold out”, stated with satisfaction Massimo Lazzeri, Director of Cineworld Trento, in whose cinemas (the Supercinema Vittoria and Multisala Modena) the screenings of the 120 scheduled films have taken place, as happens every year. “The new laser projectors have also guaranteed excellent quality film projection. This is a demonstration of the importance of the cinema system, a flagship for our magnificent city.”

More than 18,000 spectators attended 166 events, distributed across 40 venues inside and outside the city, with an increase of over 70% compared to 2023. The Teatro Sociale was always packed, while the auditorium sold out for the final event and a river of people filled every location in the city housing meetings, literary presentations and debates. MontagnaLibri confirmed its figures for the last edition, with in excess of 20,000 visitors. Despite some days of bad weather, the Mountain Trades Park – T4Future, dedicated to the younger generation, schools and families and situated in Piazza Fiera for the second year running, confirmed itself as one of the Festival’s most popular places: there were no less than 13,500 visitors over the nine days of activities; 4,700 pupils and teachers were involved in T4Future activities and screenings, 2,600 attending in person and 2,100 participating via the online platform, still operational until 10 May. The data on turnout at the exhibitions is not yet available, because many of them will also remain open in the forthcoming weeks.

“It is a small miracle that has been renewed from one year to the next, from 1952 to the present day. However, it is a miracle with no mystery, because the reasons are clear to us: the enthusiasm of the staff and volunteers, the courage of the partners, the cooperation of local institutions, and the support of associates and sponsors allow what appears to be a dream a few months earlier to be transformed into a reality each year” added the Director Luana Bisesti. “And the Festival continues: from 9 to 13 May we will be at the Book Fair in Turin, presenting the Mountain Cinema programme for the second year, due to cooperation with the ITAS Mountain Books Prize and with the support of Trentino Marketing. From 3 to 8 June the traditional Bolzano edition is scheduled: thanks to the support of the Municipality of Bolzano and the Chamber of Commerce, Festival partners, the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, CAI Bolzano, Fondazione UPAD and many other associates, there will plenty of activities for all ages, at the Parco dei Cappuccini and other venues in the city.”