It’s the day of the RAI Trento Award

Published 02/05/2024

The prize established by the Trento branch of the RAI goes to “Il Ritorno del Lupo” by Niccolò Barca and Tommaso Merighi.

The RAI Trento Award, established by the Trento branch of the RAI and given to the best documentary on current affairs, has been awarded to Il Ritorno del Lupo by Niccolò Barca and Tommaso Merighi (Italy/2023/23′). This is the motivation of the independent jury, made up of Sergio Pezzola, Waimer Perinelli and Stefano Uccia: “With original images and interviews, the documentary recounts environmental and sociological matters linked to the reappearance of wolves in the Alps, after they had disappeared for almost a century. Not everyone is happy, especially among those living and working in the mountains. The story is recounted with a simple and immediate language, to describe a fascinating animal and its precarious coexistence with man in an increasingly domesticated landscape where livestock graze. The events are organised into chapters, concluding with the hope that the right balance will be found between man and one of his great antagonists.” The prize will be presented by the director of the Trento branch of the RAI, Sergio Pezzola and the journalist Waimer Perinelli in Auditorium 2 of Cinema Modena at 7 pm.