Last special prizes: the “Mario Bello” Award and T4Future Award presented today

Published 04/05/2024

The prize established by the Film Centre and Film Library of Club Alpino Italiano goes to “The Great White Whale” by Michael Dillon, while the T4Future award goes to Ramazan Kiliç’s “Things Unheard Of”.

On Saturday 4 May the last of the fifteen special awards offered by associations or Festival partner organisations and assigned by independent juries will be presented. The prize will be awarded at the screening of the winning film, directly in the auditorium.

The “Mario Bello” Award, established by the Film Centre and Film Library of Club Alpino Italiano and given to the film that best reflects the values and ideals of CAI, and that represents the many aspects of mountaineering in terms of human, cultural and technical adventure, respect for the environment, enhancement and promotion of populations living in high lands, their cultures and traditions, goes to Michael Dillon’s The Great White Whale (Australia/2023/104′). This is the motivation of the independent jury, made up of Monica Brenga, Angelo Schena and Giovanni Pivetti: “Who wouldn’t want to be in a bard’s story? Who wouldn’t want to have companions who even in the midst of a violent storm know how to be supportive, and who still have time for a smile? Who wouldn’t want to be recounted in a film where adventure, friendship and the desire for knowledge interweave with expertise and even levity?” The prize will be awarded in Auditorium 3 of Cinema Modena at 2.45 pm.

The T4Future Award has instead been awarded to Ramazan Kiliç’s Things Unheard Of (Turkey/2023/15′) by a jury comprising pupils from secondary schools in Trentino, responsible for evaluating works in the T4Future film section. The jury, made up of Viola Emilia Chiodelli, Sharoon John, Angelica Arcese, Tommaso Ferrari and Adele Lombardo, gave the following motivation: “It is a film characterised by its aesthetic appeal, balanced and pleasant for the spectator. The plot testifies to a culture that is distant from our own, yet despite this we are emotionally involved, while the whole film is marked by its fluidity and excellent pace. We were struck by the original use of the TV as an element, going from straightforward prop to become an instrument transmitting a very profound message.”