Switzerland / 1977 / 42'

On the 31st July 1976 the SRWF (Schweizer Rettungflugwacht - Swiss air rescue guard) went into action to rescue two mountaineers stuck by lightning on the Kingspitze summit. The episode is reconstructed in the film "Heli fox fox flying to rescue". Together the two mountaineers Ernst Maurer and William Marti climb the last metres which separate them from Kingspitze summit above the Rosenlaui valley. Suddenly the weather change. Large thundery clouds gather over the mountain. Hurriedly the two climbers shake hands at the summit. A flash of lighning reverberates on Ernest's helmet. At the same time he is hurled into the abyss by a tremendous force. Somehow William manages to stop the fall. He ties the rest of the rope arounf a rock and then rushes down to the valley to look for help. Later "Heli fox fox" flies over the Devil's pass, in the narrow basin of Ochsen valley, with rescuers. "There is he!" shouts one the the crew. Ernst's body hangs 800 metres above the ground. He does not seem to be alive. Then he is scen to move an arm. The situation suddenly changes. A fightr against time begins with a daring action.



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