France / 1991 / 26'

My name is Alik and this is Tngere, my friend, the royal eagle. I live in Kazakistan and here they call me "the father of the birds". Tenger has lived with me for ten years and now the time come for her to return to the Kazakistan skies. But before she takes flight we must remember the recent years spent together. We must continue to live with any nostalgia. I will tell you what she has done for me. Tengere has given me the possibility to teach my son the ancient customs of our land. The life among the birds and the winters in the mountains. The Karachi have lived in central Asia for centuries. They love birds. They have always revered the royal eagle. Wars and invasions have deprived them of their land and partly their ancient knowledge. Alik guards them jealously. He is able to understand and interpret the eagle's flight. This is the story of one the last masters. It is the story of a man and the king of the birds. It is the story of an intiation and a separation.



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