Joachim Hellinger

Germany / 1992 / 6'

Rubber rafts can also be used to descend snow covered slopes but in Seefeld, Austria, there are people who take flight form an olimpic sky jump in these rafting boats. We see six daring pilots filmed during the most spectacular moments of their incredible flights.


Joachim Hellinger

After his studies at the University of Film and Television (HFF) in Munich and the F.E.M.I.S in France, Joachim Hellinger worked internationally as director for commercials and documentaries. In 1996 he founded HelliVentures Filmproduction and specialised in the fields of sports, outdoors and adventure.

Joachim Hellinger is known for his accuracy and creative innovation at the set under extreme and often incalculable conditions. With his fondness for the elements and his unmistakable flair for the human factor, he conveys the world of adventure and sports in the most engaging terms.

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