Germany / 1929 / 91'

The film depicts the Tyrolean people's fight for freedom in 1809 when the country, seprated from Austria by Napoleon, was assaigned to Bavaria. To oppose the repression of Bavaria officials, the old and the young gathered in Val Passiria around Andreas Hofer and his men who had taken command of this great popular uprising. Among these was the captain of the Schutzen, Speckbacher, and father Haspinger whose impassioned sermons excited the crowd. When news arrived from Vienna that General Chasteler, leading the Austrian Army, was ready to help the Tyroleans, the revolt exploded. The small town of Hall, near Innsbruck was immediatly conquered by Speckbacher and the enemy was defeated by Hofer near Vipiteno. Soon afterwards, the imperial troops led by Chasteler, entered Innsbruck in triumph. At that point Napoleon sent Marshal Lefebre to repress the Tyrolean revolt. But these were on the alert and, in three bloody battles at Berg Isel, the french and the bavarian allies were decimated

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