Austria / 1992 / 104'

After a tiring journey among traffic jams and a robbery, Karl friedrich Sattman and his family, reach the frontier whre they are welcomed by a Tyrolean couple in local costume. Flowers for the lady and Schnapps for the head of the family impress the BErlinese who find Tyrolmore beautiful,cleaner andmore idyllic then they had imagined. There are no cars, all the traffics cisculates underground and olny horse and carriages are used on the surface. The town of Lahnberg, where everything is biological, welcomes them. They meet old acqiuntances, now real Tyroleans and all dressed in a traditinal costume but all with sunglasses which is the first cluethatnot everything is normal. In the distnce the noise of guns can be heard but strangely a cow, a deer and a blonde girl in a "Dirndl" fall down as if they are dead. During a trip on a chairlift pur friends are shot at. Armed Schutzen follow them everywheere and depsite the idyllic countryside theholiday becomes a noghtmare. The Berlinese family decides to return home but then a number of incredible adventures occur. A landslide blocks their flight and they have to live the car to continue on foot in the woods, always followed by the Schutzen, and they discover that the beauty of the country side is an artifical front hiding the destruction of nature.



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