Australia / 1992 / 61'

In 1984 Tim Macartney-Snape became the first person to climb a new route on Everest without the use of oxygen. Now, however, he has another aim, another passion: to reach the summit of Everest on foot from the sea in the bay of Bengal, a height of 8848 metres. His wife, Ann Ward, a doctor, walks part of the way with him. A trek of over 800 km in which they face the dangers and fascination of the Indian roads, the chaos and pollution of Calcutta, where a lung infection forces him to rest just 10 metres above sea level, then the Ganges, which they swim accross. At the border with Nepal they have to make a detour of over 150 km because of bureaucratic problems. Then the first Himalaya spurs and base camp at about 4000 metres from the peak. Then the beginning of the climb from the Khumba glacier and various happenings that his wife hears about over the radio at the base Camp, and finally th excitement of reaching the summit and rejoining his wife on his return.



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