France / 1991 / 100'

Five boys and a girl wander around the Polish mountains during the Nazi occupation. Three of them are brothers from the town and have been left by their parents in a small village where the atmosphere is apperently serene, but where there is an undercurrent of anxiety for the parents who have not been heard of since.The relationship of these three with the peasant world is not always easy until the eldest of the three decides to improvise, with his brothers and three villages girls, a little play. It is a game to while away the time in their life as refugees, but it becomes more serious when the group decides to take the play on the road using it as an excuse to look for their parents. The little group crosses the mountains unaware of the dangers of the Nazi occupation which they miracolously menage to avoid. The nightmare finishes with the news of the withdrawal of the Germans which everyone celebrates and which raises the hopes of the three brothers.



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