Ireland / 1992 / 51'

Eleven Irish mountaineers cross the most spectacular landscape in the world towards the heart of the Himalayas to scale Manaslu, the mountain of the soul, the seventh highest park in the world. Ireland is a small country with no mountains higher than 1500 metres and no Irish mountaineer has ever climbed an 8000, so this is the first attempt and an anticipation of the expedition to Everest planned for 1993. The Irish group consist of men from both areas of Ireland, but they are linked by a common passion which turns into a solid friendship between north and south for the purpose of the expedition.



John Murray was born in 1964; he is a photographer, journalist and director. He studied at Trinity College, Dublin, where he graduated in Zoology. He currently lives and works in Ireland where he collaborates mainly with RTE, the Irish national television network. He specialises in adventure, sports and travel documentaries. His works also cover a range of mountain and potholing films, which include a report on the first Irish expedition to a Himalayan Eight Thousander, as well as films about Everest, the North Pole and the North-West Passage.

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