Italy / 1992 / 6'

Pierre Tardivel, a twenty-nine year old French man, is the author of 40 first descent in extreme skiing which include the north face of Grand Pilier d' Angle and the south peak of Everest. In the film we discover his passion for this sport trough three beautiful descents: on the italian side of Mont Dolent, the north face of Bionassay and the north climb of Argentière.



Michele Radici is an enthusiastic sportsman, specialising in filming extreme sports and adventures. He has produced various documentaries on flight (aerial acrobatics, hang-gliding and parachute sports), skin diving (potholing and archaeological diving, sharks) and the mountains (women’s free climbing, exploring in Venezuela, extreme skiing) for Canale 5 and the Istituto Luce in Rome. He participated at the Trento Filmfestival in 1986 with "La parete che non c'è” , in 1988 with "The Time Machine" (made with Stefano De Benedetti) and in 1990 with "Face To Face" (made with Anthony Hoffmann). In 1991 he presented "Carnatic: la nave senza volto".
In 2008 he translated an old book written by Bridwell (by now impossible to find) and wrote part of the new book “The Bird” on the life and feats of Jim Bridwell, updated with the latest ascents, together with Giovanni Groaz. In 2009 he produced and directed a split-screen film for the Upper Valdigne on Courmayeur and neighbouring municipalities. In the same year he was a member of the jury at the Trento Film Festival.

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