Russia / 1992 / 20'

Pamir is one of the centre that alpinist from all over the world know best. Here every summer, many hopes are fulfilled, but many tragedies also occur caused chiefly by avalanches which, in recent years, have taken their toll of many lives. The expedition in this film is rather unusual and the partecipants are phisically different. The four footed partecipants are particularly excited even though their are used to snow, but they always follow their leader Botsman. Vladimir Rykshin, the head of the expedition, has set up the first camp at 4200 metres. It is Rykshin's second attempt to climb to the summit of Lenin Park, 7000 metres, with the sledges and dogs. The first time he only got to 6400 metres. After a long period of acclimatization the expedition leaves for the second camp at 6100 metres overcoming considerable difficulties and various happenings on the way. At 6400 metres they find a sledge abandoned during the last expedition. The peak is reached on 14 August 1991, a victory and an exeptional first, but we shall also see the problems they had to face on their way back.



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