Italy / 1992 / 15'

At 3812 metres above sea level, lake Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world and its shores are full of the legends and lives of the Andean people. Today the water is plaughed by poor crafts that sail from the town to the many islands that populate it. The floating islands of the Uros are groups of reeds that have broken away from the bottom of the lake due to an increase in the water level, but carry some mud in their roots which permits them to continue growing. Family of fishermen, who practically never put their feet on the ground, live on the largest of these strange mobile islands. They make a living by fishing, but their hardest job is to renew the layer of reeds as the lower layers rot. In the island of Taquile there are a thousand people who farms with methods dating back to the Incas. The film illustrates the ethnological, archeological and social aspects of this region.



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