BETH GAGE, George Gage

United States / 1995 / 72'

The film celebrates the United States’ 10th Mountain Division, purposely created for World War II, which enticed skiers, mountain climbers and Europeans fleeing Hitler to its ranks. On 18 February 1945 the 10th was used in a spectacular night climb of Italy’s “Riva Ridge”, ambushing the beavily entrenched Germans on top. During the next two months, the 10th chased the Germans all the way to the Alps until Germany finally surrendered. Back in America the members of the 10th Mountain Division became pioneers of ski industry and conservation movements. In 1995, aided by the Italian Alpini, the ex-servicemen of the 10th re-climbed the Riva Ridge where the Germans were waiting on top. But this time the men from the United States, Germany and Italy celebrated their friendship and renewed their pledge for peace.



George Gage

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