Italy / 1995 / 28'

The Lebanese landscape is the backcloth. The obsession for travelling eastwards and crossing mountains is the subject. Travelling is both an act of superficiality and of curiosity. Few people have the courage to say so but, besides satisfying the explorer’s vanity, travelling on skis in the so-called third world countries is a neurotic obsession, an infantile desire to feast one’s eyes on beautiful and unknown scenery and the enormous pleasure of glissade.



Enrico Verra
Enrico Verra lives and works in Turin. He graduated in history and criticism of cinema at the University of Turin. He attended the video-documentary school directed by Daniele Segre and Gianni Volpi. He began as assistant director with Davide Ferrario, Guido Chiesa, Daniele Segre and Bruno Bigoni. In 1991 he made his debut as director with Real Falchera F.C. for which he was awarded the Golden Seagull in Bellaria in the same year. In 1994 Il Sig. Rossi prese il fucile was awarded at the International Festival of Turin. In 1999 he received the European Academy Award, shorts section, with Benvenuto in San Salvario. In 2005 he made his first full-length film, Sotto il Sole Nero, which won first prize the same year at the 28th Festival du Film Italien Villerupt and at the 2nd Cimameriche Film Festival in Genoa, as well as receiving the prize for best direction at the 9th Festival Cinema Italiano Opere prime (for debut films), in Gallio (Vicenza), all in 2005. With Vivo film he made his latest documentary, Scemi di Guerra. La follia nelle trincee in 2008. His filmography as a director includes: La città che corre (2006), Sotto il sole nero (2005), Benvenuto in San Salvario, (1999), No man’s land (1995), il Sig. Rossi prese il fucile (1994) and Real Falchera (1991).

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