Italy / 1996 / 26'

Some tribes living on the river Xingù, in the heart of the Amazon jungle in Brazil, have reached the point of extinction due to the unfavourable conditions caused by their increasing contact with white man. For years Aldo Lo Curto, a voluntary itinerant doctor, has done everything he can to save them. All his care, his comic strip book on first aid, his very original “health theatre” and his scalpel, are used with complete respects for the indigenous culture.



Anthropologist, journalist and correspondent for geographic magazine Airone, Duccio Canestrini has directed five documentaries on the relationship between humans and the environment for the television series A New World. He has also written a number of books on travel and tourism and has held seminars and conferences on the “spirit of place” at the IULM in Milan, Campus in Lucca, Monte Verità in Ascona, and CTS in Rome. He has also lectured at the Trentino School of Management, Trento.

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