United States / 1997 / 52'

A childhood dream comes true: to climb Everest and reach the highest peak in the world. A journalist, ar expedition run by Rob Hall, the “business” guide who in the five-year period from 1990 to 1995 has taken to the peak more than 39 people at a cost of 65,00 dollars each; mainly men, only two women and all of them inexperienced, not used to losing and obsessed with the idea of climbing to the top of the highest mountain in the world. Even Scott Fisher, in search of publity, is forming an expedition whose mumbers will also include Sandy Hill Pitman,a top New york journalist. Among these there is also Jon Krakauer, one of the most famous Hollywood altitude training proceeds according to plan and on the grat day of the ascent, Hall, who guaranteed each member of his expedition the achievement of their goal, sest an inexorable condition: anyone not marking it to the top return to cvamp, under penalty of sure death. From the very start the expedition witnesses voluntary desertdesertions and physical problems. The difficulties posed by the extreme Hymalayan envioronmet bring out the principants’physical and training limitations. A group of “unshakeables”, obsessively ready for anything, decides to push on. however, only Krakauer and another expeditioner manage to stay within the time, while from behind there are no signs of the others. Drama strikes precisely in that group, of which Hall is a member, where the participants expose their nevroses and fool hardiness, their lack of scruples turned into folly, into hallucinations also due to the lack of oxygen. A real story aymbolising the malaise of modern society.



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