Andrea Guarnieri

Italy / 1996 / 52'

This is an entirely Italian documentary about the spectacular Sassi di Matera, the ancient quarters of Matera on the border between the Apulia and Basilicata regions. The anscient and fascinating architecture of Sassi, where rupestral churches and aged dwellings become one with the calcareous cliffs on which they were built, is the favourite summer residence of the red-footed falcon, one of the rarest hawks in Europe. This is the story of their loves, their games and their quarrels with the other winged guests who elect Sassi di Matera as their reproduction ground, such as common swift, sparrows, pigeons and jackdaws and other birds who share with the red-footed falcon the sad record of being the rarest in Europe, such as the Egyptian vulture and the lanneret hawk.


Andrea Guarnieri

An independent nature documentary-maker and producer committed to exploring the Italian landscape, he seeks to find aspects around which to develop a story which is as compelling as possible. This often involves situations where the presence of animals and plants also alternates with human activities.

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