Germany / 1997 / 26'

This is a portrait of the brothers Alexander and Thomas Huber, familiarly called the Huber boys in mountaineering circles. The two brothers, who are physically different, are the mountaineering symbol of Berchstesgaden and they have had a great influence on the development of sports climbing. They are currently considered to be among the strongest climbers in the world and some of their first climbs reach the 11th grade of difficulty. Proof of their exceptional ability was provided by Salathe route on El Capitan with the approach called "Rotpunkt" by mountaineers. Their climbs are also famous for the distance between the belay points which are particularly long even in climbs of grade 7 and 8 (UIAA scale). Watching the Huber in action gives many climbers goose pimples as they are used to depending on their belay devices. In the film we see various examples of their activity and one wonders how such an intimate understanding, lasting in time and space, is still possible between mountaineers.



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