Slovenia / 1998 / 50'

Urban Golob, one of the strongest Slovene mountaineers and skiers, has been known in Trento since 1995 when he moved the public of the 43rd Festival with the film "Living is a Mortal Hazard", in which he told the story of his courageous fight against cancer. His love of the mountains and his mountaineering activitycontributed greatly to his recovery. Urban follows and entertains the children in paedriatric clinic in Lubiana who are being treated in the same way he was as a child. He tries to give them hope and faith in a possible cure.In February 1998, Urban Golob decided to cross the Slovene Alps in winter, from the Tolmino plain in the west to Maribor in the east. An expedition lasting 13 days which, besides its sports value, had a highly humanitarian and practical significance as it helped to increase the donations to the fund for families with children suffering with cancer. The film is an account of the crossing interspersed with touching scenes of Urban's relationship with the children.



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