Italy / 2002 / 16'

Every year Mount Brento, in Trentino, attracts the population of flying men who climb on foot to the Becco dell’Aquila where they jump off for a free fall flight lasting only nine seconds. Why do the sons of Icarus come from far and wide for an emotion that is consumed in a few seconds? What are they searching for that is so important they are willing to put their lives at stake? The documentary tries to answer these questions, thanks to the collaboration of the base-jumpers who filmed some of the scenes with telecameras fixed to their helmets and who agreed to tell their story in front of the microphone. We discover the sons of Icarus are merely chasing the dream of freedom – flight – that has always been one of man’s desires since infancy.



Sergio Damiani (Milan 1965)
He is a journalist and documentary film-maker. He graduated in political sciences. In 2001 he crossed Mongolia by horse, documenting the life of the last nomads by becoming one himself. The result was the documentary film Le vie della steppa (Rai Tre). He made the TV series Sibir il vagabondo, four-legged travel stories (Rai Tre). In Africa, in a Renault 4 car, he followed the traces of the second-hand car dealers of Europe who trade the large African markets, in Desert traders.
His fimography includes: Skodawerke, Lk72 (2001), 9 secondi (2002), Le vie della steppa (2003), Sibir il vagabondo (2004-2005) and La fortezza invisibile (2008).


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