Silvano Faggioni, Silvano Faggioni, ZAK MAIRHOFER

Italy / 2001 / 30'

From east to west the Alto Adige region, in the heart of the Alps, is characterised by the presence of about 350 glaciers, covering a total area of around 150 square kilometres. Since the 1980s their state of health has visibly deteriorated and become a source of preoccupation for the environmental and territorial balance and for mountaineering-sports and tourism and, more in general, for the economic activities of the alpine communities. The documentary, as the title suggests, does not follow an exclusively scientific course on the worrying phenomenon of the withdrawal of the glaciers. It also tries, on the basis of various hypotheses of research and understanding (but also on fantasy and ideas prompted by the finding of Ötzi, the ‘Similaun mummy’) to combine, from a historical and metaphoric point of view, traditional interpretations, local culture and the story of coexistence with the glaciers by the Alto Adige community.


Silvano Faggioni

Silvano Faggioni


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