Switzerland / 2001 / 36'

The documentary is a disturbing survey on the state of health of the Alps. Last summer, the rise in temperature due to the greenhouse effect was confirmed once again. A phenomenon that began in the eighties and is now showing its first tangible signs. The most obvious result of this climatic change is the withdrawal of the alpine glaciers, which every year free new unstable terrains that easily turn into landslides and steep slopes. Moreover, the rise in temperature pushes the rainfall limit upwards: where it used to snow, dangerous thunderstorms now rage. For some years the glaciologists have discovered a new risk for the hydrogeological stability of the mountains: permafrost. This perennial ice, commonly associated with the Arctic lands, but also present in the Alps, is melting and making many slopes unstable.



Born in 1959, he lives in Roveredo, Switzerland. He is a mountain guide, journalist, writer and director. He was correspondent in Washington DC for Televisione Italiana Svizzera (TSI) (1997-2000), for which he still works in Lugano. He has been foreign affairs editor for the news programme and co-producer of the information magazine "Falò". He currently works mainly as a freelance documentary director. He has filmed and produced films and reports on the Berlin Wall, Croatia, Bosnia, Afghanistan and the USA, among others. He has participated at TrentoFilmfestival several times and won the solidarity prize with Grozny Dreaming (2009).

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