Italy / 2001 / 20'

The Crucifix of Argentera, known locally as the “lou Benedet Crouchifis” in the Provence dialect of the Stura valley, in southern Piedmont, has been venerated for centuries by the population. In the days before the great flood in 1957, Don Borgarino, the parish priest of Argentera, lent the crucifix to the bishop of Cuneo for a procession. The violence of the water and resulting damage made it impossible for the crucifix to be returned at once. The people blamed the priest and feared the influence of the crucifix on the weather conditions would cause flooding. Therefore, the priest decided courageously to take the matter in hand and the film tells the rest of the story which is animated with amateur actors.



Sandro Gastinelli and Marzia Pellegrino have been married since 1991. In addition to their marriage they have also cultivated their passion for stories told through the images of the people in the Western Alps, where they live in the chestnut wood of Rosbella di Boves with their two children and only 3 other inhabitants. Their passion soon becomes their job, a continual research in the territory: in over ten years of activity they have shot about a dozen documentary and fictional films which have participated in some of the most renowned mountain film festivals, receiving several international awards in Trento, Cervinia, Les Diablerets and Autrans. In 2000 they “made up” the Rosbella Film Festenàl on their doorstep, “the smallest film festival in the world”. Since 2007 they have been artistic directors of the video-cinematographic section of Cuneo mountain festival. They participated in TrentoFilmfestival with Parla de Kyé (1997), Mari, monti e … gettoni d’oro (1999), Aiga d’en viage (2000), Arriverà il sole (2001) Pastres de Sambucanos (2002), Piròt, en fièt d’en bot (2003), A l’avirùn ed l’àibu (2003), Marghè marghìer (2005) and OSSignùr! La montagna assistita (2008).

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