Italy, Germany / 2001 / 45'

To deal with a vast subject like the history of mountain films, the author decided to revisit a period of 100 years of mountaineering film and history following the trail left by the most prominent figures. From the work of Arnold Fanck who, in the twenties, turned simple documentaries on mountains into worthwhile feature films, of which some footage is included here, to the figure of Luis Trenker and his role as an actor and then director and writer. The author then tries to answer various questions like: what effect did the protagonists have on mountain films and what distribution and influence do they still have after the sudden development imposed by Trenker? The panorama opens on all sectors, with scenes taken from films of all periods and interviews with authors who illustrate their ideas and tell us how they were able to overcome the obstacles they had to face, often working in extremely difficult conditions. In the author’s opinion the history of mountain films is just as enthralling as climbing the north side of the Tre Cime or a Himalayan giant.



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