MIRELLA BENETTI, Siegfried Kollmann

Italy / 2002 / 26'

Paolo Ciavatta, aged 41, is an Italian vet who lives and works in Val Sarentino. He is a townsman in the mountains, an Italian among Germans, but also an example of possible coexistence. The film seeks to find the reasons for this successful coexistence by following him in his work and private life. The images show us a typical day in the life of the doctor in contact with the local farmers and their animals. Paolo Ciavatta is already up at five in the morning visiting the various farms to examine the cows, horses, goats, pigs, chickens, etc., and sometimes dogs and cats. Progress has certainly changed even the vet’s work, for example the mobile phone and four-wheeled vehicle makes his work easier. Nevertheless experience, instinct and courage are always needed because difficult decisions have to be made rapidly.



Siegfried Kollmann

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