France / 2001 / 52'

The film portrays a mountain area of Vercours, lyng like an island in a limestone area of the Dauphine. A rugged and strategic place and it was not without reason - as the reportory footge included in the current film shows us - that the Resistance. The here inhabitants, however, have always avoided isolation by building roads and encouraging tourism. trippers and skiers are constat guest and nowadays, through Internet, these mountains have established links with the whole world. And here are the tourists ( there is also a vintage car rally) climbing the rock walls, exploring the waterfalls and underground caves. In this inquiry the film director examines question of waht is better for the future. Is it better to open to the world, with the inevitable inconvenience ( the loss of identity of places and people, more or less sibjected to change) or jealously preserve - by shutting aut certain mass phenomena - the natural order and one’s traditions?



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