Andrea Salvà

Italy / 2002 / 7'

Too often we see wonderful documentaries on television that give us the wrong idea of mountains. There are still only a few people who are lucky enough to be able to travel to remote places where nature is still intact. However, we can all walk in the mountains around us and see how much they have been changed by man. Like a Chinese puzzle of dreams and reality, present and future, the film makes us think about what is in store for us before everything becomes ‘a lost mountain’.


Andrea Salvà

Born in Merano in 1964, Andrea is a mountain climber and independent director. Andrea participated in the Film Festival of Trento and in the Festival of Torello, Kendall, Les Diablerets, Graz, and in Poprad with three animation films dedicated to the mountain - “Il grido di carta” in 2000, “Lost in America” in 2001 and “Monte perdito” in 2002.

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