Pavol Bàrabaš

Slovakia / 2001 / 28'

Mustang, in the fairytale land of Lo, in Nepal, is a kingdom whose existence was a long kept secret. It is hidden behind a high wall of the Himalayas, like a wedge embedded in Tibet. The wind blows regularly every evening and cancels the tracks of every caravan. The monks intone unceasingly ancient Buddhist prayers in front of the royal palace. Time stands still in this medieval fortress where electricity, roads and motor vehicles are unknown, but where the people seem to be somehow superior. The Mustang fortress continues to preserve its secrets.


Pavol Bàrabaš

Pavol Bàrabaš graduated from the Slovak University of Technology. He has worked as an cameraman and director for SportFilm, advertising agency Erpo and for K2 Studio. He has made television commercials and numerous mountain films in which he documents the lives of people living in extreme conditions. He has also made ski-training videos and promotional films for the Tatra Mountains and the Caucasus. His work has won a range of awards at Slovakia’s Poprad Festival. In 1999, he won the Gran Premio “Città di Trento” for his film “118 Days in Captivity of Ice”. He has also entered a range of other films at the festival.

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