Italy / 2002 / 27'

In the mountain world it is also important for an alpinist to be able to communicate and teach his way of being and acting. Cesarino Fava, over eighty years old, with his love of life and climbing, can often be found on the classic routes in the Brenta Group, with other climbers, often much younger, to whom he tries to convey his passion for mountains and his joy of life. Nowadays, when even in mountaineering the race for sensationalism and image leaves little room for sentiment, spontaneity and human values, the example of this alpinist, old in years, but young at heart, is a ‘lesson’ for many to remember.



One of Trento’s most famous new-generation mountaineers, Elio Orlandi also loves art and film. During his numerous achievements in Patagonia and around the world, he has been able to shoot many climbs, which he then turned into films in an attempt to convey his great love of the mountains. His works have featured at a range of international film festivals and have won several awards. He has taken part in the TrentoFilmfestival on a number of occasions; he sat on the International Jury in 2008.

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