Switzerland / 2001 / 13'

The film is about Dominique Perret, who has been declared by the jury of the so-called Paris Board Award, composed of journalists and specialist media, as the best ‘freeride’ skier of the century for his ski-board descents. Perret began his vertiginous off-piste descents on the mountains and fiords of the Lyngen Alps in Norway and then went on to some of the most challenging descents in the Swiss Alps. In his opinion the practice of freeriding has no limits and he demonstrates this in his search for steeper and steeper slopes. It is a sport of ancient origin, although the equipment has been continually improved, and Perret has made it his style of life. The courage with which he faces the challenge of nature and his love for the complete freedom of his sports activity can be seen in the exceptional images of this film.



In 1991 professional freerider and skier Dominique Perret founded Vertical Zoo, a company that makes and produces films about outdoor sports such as snowboarding, skiing and surfing. During his long sports career, he has made over twenty successful solo films, all produced by his company, which have won more than sixty awards and acknowledgements in festivals worldwide. His most recent works include 16 hours in Alyeska (2007) and Versus (2006).

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