Italy / 2002 / 50'

On the basis of the more recent analyses carried out with sophisticated research methods on the Similaun mummy, it has been suggested empirically that the death of our progenitor, 5300 years ago, could probably be considered the oldest detective story in the history of humanity. Professor Egarter and the radiologist Paul Gostner, with the help of X-rays and computerized axial tomography, discovered an arrowhead in the mummy’s back. This immediately posed some fascinating questions: was the Similaun man murdered? Was an arrow responsible for his death? Or did the freezing cold cause it? Who was the man? Was he a shepherd who was killed in order to steal his sheep, or a shaman, or a victim of human sacrifice? The film describes how the Similaun man might have lived, where he may have come from and how he might have died, by reconstructing his figure to try and find out who he was. The approach is scientific with interviews with scientists, but there are also virtual and fictitious moments.



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